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This inspiring episode on Truth Connections Radio will be a round table discussion with key figures in the new energy movement who are dedicated to seeing the lifetime achievements of visionary inventors like Nikola Tesla and John Searl, among others, brought to fruition. Discussed will be the exciting future of energy creation for the 21st century that will cover topics such as advanced sustainability and technologies currently available to clean up our planet and provide us with a clean and safe environment, and a limitless vision for future generations of all species on our planet, and beyond. This will be a powerful event providing positive solutions, with Josh Toms, Jason Verbelli, Rob Arnold, Samuel Mason, Nikola Lonchar, Daniel Nunez, and Fernando Vossa.



JOSH TOMS is an artist, experimenter, visionary, stone mason, magnetic engineer, machinist, and inventor. Creator of the Million Volt March adopted by the Tesla Science Foundation, Josh’s inspirations have risen from those historical figures who have shifted humanity with a passionate vision for a better world. Inspired by the exciting future of energy creation for the 21st century, Josh will bring awareness this episode to the positive and negative aspects of new energy systems, and how supporting these inventors will have a valuable impact on our lives, and the lives of each generation to come.

Joining the round table discussion will be a number of other key figures in the new energy movement, bringing awareness to the works of Nikola Tesla, John Searl, Jon Depew, John Bedini, and countless other freethinking experimenters. JASON VERBELLI, recently employed by Searl Magnetics, Inc. is one of those visionaries who is helping to bring the SEG technology to fruition. As a researcher with a huge following, Jason has a treasure trove of information online addressing misconceptions in mainstream energy models, and widely promotes topics such as Structured Water, Coded Magnets, and Russellian Science; suppressed material you won’t find on TV.

Josh and Jason will be welcomed to Truth Connections for the 2nd and 3rd times, and will sit beside three first time-guests who share their interests, and help promote and publicise such vital information. ROB ARNOLD is an independent filmmaker working in cinematography and video production, who has worked on everything from major motion pictures, to television shows and commercials. He is making a film about 21st century energy, and been witness to the John Searl labs and some of the work of Jon Depew when filming Josh Toms in Colorado. Rob’s film is set to inspire and convey the idea of liberty and prosperity for all of humanity.

SAMUEL MASON is a futurist and an innovation specialist from Innosolutions. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Tesla Science Foundation. His interests and passions include all matters pertaining to advanced sustainability and a space faring humanity. He has been heavily inspired by the work of many forerunners like Nikola Tesla, Walter Russell, and many others. Tesla’s vision of the world of tomorrow has led Samuel to work with some the world’s most prolific organizations on the cusp of free energy as well as safe and limitless travels.

NIKOLA LONCHAR’s fascination with Nikola Tesla began at an early age when he developed an interest in Tesla’s work, ethics, and vision, after realising that our individual and collective possibilities are endless. Living in Serbia, Mr. Lonchar continued to study Tesla’s work throughout high school and university, applying his principles and discoveries, and creating factual results through his own technical advancements. Tesla’s description of America and its unique possibilities led him to the United States where he continued to develop his own inventions, for which he received a number of awards, including the Nikola Tesla Gold Medal, given annually to promising Serbian Inventors.

After closely contemplating the efficacy of solar, wind, water, and other renewable energy sources, DANIEL NUNEZ and his wife, Erica, commenced the quest to develop a type of energy generating system which could truly sustain and balance energy in a new way. Over the course of 4 years, they developed enough collective knowledge to replicate their results through testing and observation, implementing their own technological vision at Nunez Vortex Technologies for large and small scale energy generation.

Dedicated to seeing a new world filled with all the wonders of consciousness technology, FERNANDO VOSSA has spent the last two decades walking his path with this destination, literally, in mind. Fernando holds an appreciation for combining the solid reality of science and technology with the increasingly affluent reality of consciousness interaction. Conscious mind development and entrainment as a transformational tool leading to personal evolution and self healing is one goal of many that Fernando sees his technology designs being implemented for.

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