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Expelled in 1995 from the United Church of Canada, former Reverend and now Social Activist, Kevin Annett, has since been indecently persecuted on many levels. His only ‘crime’ has been speaking out publicly about the proven complicity of the British Crown and the Vatican in genocide and child trafficking, leading a twenty year campaign to uncover and bring criminal charges against the offenders.

Kevin has made history since 1996 with his meticulous exposure of Church and State sponsored Genocide, and helped to establish the five-nation International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS), seeking to indict church and government leaders for crimes against humanity. His protests outside the Vatican since 2009 alongside victims of church abuse have helped indict (February 2013) former Pope Benedict and other church officials before an International Common Law Court of Justice. Kevin has since detailed the growing campaign in Italy and abroad to seek the arrest and prosecution of the Pope for aiding child rape and trafficking in the Roman Catholic church.



Honored and adopted by aboriginal nations in Canada, Kevin was given the tribal name, Eagle Strong Voice. As a result of his efforts on behalf of native people, the Canadian government was forced to issue a public apology and reparations program concerning Indian residential schools. Over the past fifteen years, Kevin has helped immeasurable numbers of school survivors at a great personal cost; in recognition of which he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by a group of North American scholars. Kevin is now on an extended speaking tour in Europe to unite victims of church violence as part of his work with ITCCS.

A courageous and inspiring man, Kevin is also an award-winning film maker and Co-Producer of the documentary film, Unrepentant, which won Best Documentary at the Los Angeles and New York Independent Film Festivals in 2006. His five-star must-read book of the same name, Unrepentant: Disrobing the Emperor, released in 2011, describes the widespread atrocities that occurred in 141 native residential schools and the unexplained death of over 50,000 children over a 120-year history.

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