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World famous Speech Analyst, Jon Kelly, is an avid UFO skywatcher, and an expert user of night vision optics. Jon’s video and photographic results provide compelling evidence that something extraordinary is communicating with us from above. His leading UFO Examiner articles are followed by thousands, and his live streaming videos of UFOs provide undeniable proof of extraterrestrial visitations. Along with contact through audio and on-site visual means, Jon has produced spectacular high definition close-ups of multidimensional communications generated during meditation.

Through the analysis of speech reversal, a field tested and proven applied science, Jon has uncovered some very unique information from those contactees who were not able to consciously recall their ET experiences. Secret messages hidden backwards in the human voice provide insight into deep structures of the mind. Jon has analyzed thousands of hours of recorded speech from personal to public, to political and historical significance, producing intelligence verified by medical professionals, law enforcement, and the test of time.



Most recently, Jon has analyzed audio relating to the Boston Bombings, and will discuss the hidden messages found in both President Obama, and Governor Patrick’s commentary. He will also give us some astounding examples of reverse speech from callers to a UFO hotline – a secret insight to add to their report about what was really witnessed. More examples can be heard on Jon’s previous show at Truth Connections.

Jon will be leading UFO night vision sky watching instructional events in various locations around North America this year. In anticipation of these events, Jon will brief us on what might occur during digital night vision contact; the best optical tools to use at an affordable price; and how to utilize our higher consciousness in combination with other tools to achieve a similar contact result.

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