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Though both in different fields, the work of Astrotheologist, Santos Bonacci, and Life Coach, Genesis Sunfire, beautifully compliment each other. Each explore the benefits of saliva and biochemical cell salts, with Genesis focused on a pure life of physical fitness and clarity of mind by excluding the unnatural process of eating and drinking, and Santos discussing many ancient texts that advise looking within the body for sustenance. Both researchers describe processes that entail diet purification for spiritual activation and rejuvenation, as well as life extension.

After watching Santos’ presentation entitled, Your Body is The Holy Land, Genesis was quoted as saying that, “…what came out of your mind (Santos) was already in me. I was living it, and was an instant supporter of your work.” Santos’ investigative work, and Genesis’ life style following his true north bring them together combining their experience with, and knowledge about, saliva and salts. Genesis believes that the body sustains itself, and that we don’t need to consume the elements of nature to thrive. Santos believes that Genesis’ life style is the ultimate answer to all of our problems today, with the ultimate solution being that we need stop our toxic consumption.

Both guests agree that to be free of the system’s shackles, our first step – and a major one – is to stop relying on, and supporting their products, ending our addiction to poisoned man made foods and reclaiming our mental and physical sovereignty. Genesis criticizes those in, what he describes as, the ‘spiritual and conspiracy’ business, who preach spirituality and freedom but then go home and gorge themselves on the blood and flesh of a tortured animal, murdered for an ever increasing greed for profit, while snacking on GMO ‘fake’ foods that scramble our DNA, slowly making us infertile. It’s these actions – though they seem unavoidable, but not necessarily so – that continue to support the big corporation’s bank accounts and Eugenics program.



On a previous episode, Genesis took us through his own life experience of moving through the detoxifying processes of a fruitarian, liquidarian, and on to becoming a breatharian, and then beyond, explaining how unnecessary eating is the number one cause of aging, illness, and death. While not recommending Breatharianism to everyone, Genesis explained how an ideal natural diet (different for each individual) can cure social, mental, spiritual, economical, and ecological ills on this planet.

Santos is an expert in the field of Astrotheology with over 30 years of study and research spanning centuries of documentation and recorded history, cultures, and religious and spiritual societies. This has allowed Santos to confidently meld together and neatly align the topics of Science, Philosophy, Religion and Astrology. With an astounding ability to compile, translate, and connect the overlapping dots from just about any time and place, past or present, as well as fact or fiction/myth/legend/fairytale, he provides us with an incredibly important ‘wider picture’ promoting the concept of knowing thy self as one wonderous and beautiful piece of interconnected Source material!

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