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All people who feel well will have a very physically fit vibration. This can be tuned into over and again to be used to reset anyone’s chi field to a this same vibration. Radionic devices can be used very effectively to dowse any disorder located on any target at any distance via structural link, such as a physical sample of the desired target. Radionics, therefore, contradicts the principles of physics and biology, and is often considered a ‘pseudoscience’, with conventional science ignoring vast amounts of data proving to be very useful in many applications.

John MacDonald has over 30 years of research and development experience with renowned inventor Karl Hans Welz, of the Welz Chi Generator™. Over two decades of live interactive instruction with practitioners globally has produced successful manifestation techniques using Welz technology specifically for personal mind control management. Considered the “undeniable Master of problem-solving with Radionics”, John has made advancements in sensory perception training techniques using these devices that have never before been available in such easy to practice step-by-step instructions.



John’s training techniques and step-by-step procedures can be simply replicated with high rates of success in all areas of trend manifestation management. His advancements have enabled many to dramatically increase the development of their psychic faculties. This information is producing amazing results for many who quickly gain extra sensory perception skills, and control of their minds – reversing the damage from the limits of behavior expectations by society. The goal of this work is to lay the foundation for regaining control of the mind with reprogramming techniques that empower your minds sovereignty.

Joining John to discuss all of the above, and more, will be 4th time guest, Jef Harvey, a military trained remote viewer and radionics technologist, highly trained in low frequency sound therapy. Jef is both an in-depth experiencer and advisor in the use of ‘fringe’ technologies. He researches and extensively tests protocols to increase brain power and mind awareness, directing the brains energy patterns for various remote field manipulation strategies, including biological effects, such as disease reversal and cellular repair. Jef works closely with various naturopathic physicians and medical doctors to provide integrative support, and combat the health risks associated with modern day living.

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