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Bruce Luther‘s amazing precognition and knowledge of the cosmos comes from 50 years of study and experience, providing us with a most unique insight to the human condition. He brings an exciting, yet ancient and accurate view of reading the stars to help us make sense of our own creation in this reality.

Using star maps and taking into consideration the actual varying sizes of the constellations, Bruce shows how Elemental Astrology is a more accurate means of discovering one’s true self in relation to the universe. Most astrologers do not consider the fact that constellations are not equal in size and conventional methods of star charts leave out one important piece of the pie in the sky: Ophiucus, The Serpent Bearer. Bruce explains that the Zodiac sign you have been following for years is most often incorrect. If your horoscope never really made sense to you, the information presented here just may put things into better perspective!



Man’s hunger for information is the driving force that leads us to seek out forbidden knowledge and esoteric meaning. Man is not a principal of choice but a product of it. Bruce’s amazing artistic ability and gift of sight enables him to present his views on the cycles of life, space, time, thought, and death.

During his visit with us at Truth Connections Radio, Bruce will discuss his new book Subject to Divinity, a metaphysical collection of thoughts that delve deep into the soul relationship. He will also explain his methods of properly reading the stars, as well as the amazing journey he found himself walking on, that lead him directly into this very vital knowledge. This episode will find us on the ride of our lives as we come to discover that, “. . . enlightenment has already been achieved, and it is in the dark where one begins to truly know one’s self.”

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