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Steven D Kelley‘s scientific career and life experiences are both as equally expansive in a number of outward directions. To reach the positive point of spiritual perspective he encompasses today, Steven was required from the very start of his career to have a highly tuned and intelligent mind, enabling him to use a high level of discretion to see beyond the questionable actions of those alphabet agencies who would later recruit and surround him.

His technological advances in the field of precision electro optics, semi conductors, solid state lasers, and weapons systems, saw him working closely with various government agencies and military departments, leading him on the path to many deep and hidden secrets that, many times, changed his view, his choices, and the direction his business ventures would take. Steven’s book, entitled, Lasers, Cavers & Magic, provides a detailed summary into the good, bad, and well-intentioned plans and projects of those high up the chain of command, and uncovers secrets never-before discussed in public.



Steven eventually began the process of researching the truth and seeking enlightenment, and this lead to providing technical insight to those working with Billy Meier, opening his eyes to various ET species, and his interest in silver and its use in building beamships. This new research placed Steven under the radar of the Templars and Bilderbergers who were seeking a weapon to use against ETs for the ‘protection’ of humanity. At this point, he realised that the best defense against an external threat would be using the power of the mind, and this revelation allowed him to expand his own mind, spirit, and energy sensitivities. The metaphysical realm is where Steven now devotes his time and scientific knowledge for the purposes of serving others, learning and lecturing about both self enlightenment, and technological freedom.

Steven joins Truth Connections to talk about topics that lead us into the future, using the information and research he has uncovered and pieced together during his own experiences. This episode will see us covering technologies that use light and energy; possible directions mankind might take, such as paths leading toward Transhumanism versus infinite mind perception and reasoning like psychic ability and manifestation; micro and macro level multidimensional science and physics, and much, much more.

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