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Following on from their previous interview in August 2012, and joined by first-time guest, Martyn Ellis, Kosta Makreas and Ricky Butterfass return to discuss their ongoing and eye-opening work concerning ET contact and disclosure, including the new documentary film, Sirius, by Dr Steven Greer.



Founder and Facilitator of the Global CE-5 Contact Initiative, Kosta Makreas, is one to thank for implementing monthly interactive contacts with advanced ET civilizations. Using the CE-5 protocols created by Dr Steven Greer, 90+ groups from 20+ countries jointly cooperate once a month to make coordinated, interactive, and united contact. Every month, steady, varied, subtle, and dramatic positive results are achieved. Click here to be part of the community.

Ricky Butterfass, core member of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI), as well as a staff member with the Disclosure Project has decades of independent study in both the technological world and the multi-dimensional one, and can speak on many subjects from enlightenment through to Zero Point Energy and covering concepts such as the Holographic Inter-Intra Dimensional Universe.

Martyn Ellis, Theologian, and Director of the Centre for Research & Policy on Extraterrestrial Relations (CeRPER.org) brings yet another dimension to the conversation, with his experiences in the field of both the mystical and spiritual, as well as a more personal perspective, being a long-time Contactee of over 30 years.

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