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Joining us for an episode of solutions to some of our globe’s most urgent problems, we welcome Foster Gamble, creator of the documentary, Thrive: What On Earth Will It Take?, an excellent and vitally necessary collation of the major issues humanity faces today.

Foster’s widely recognised vision to assist humanity in thriving through the evolutionary challenges threatening our survival is one that reaches out to all of us. In developing Thrive, Foster does not just open eyes, he alerts and educates viewers, and provides clear and essential data points that every one of us can follow to achieve the evolutionary forward-thinking future of freedom and free energy that each of us desire and live in hope of seeing.



The Thrive Movement Website accompanies the documentary, and acts as a mini research library and a solutions portal, filled with boundless information that answers questions like “What next?”, “How can I help?”, and “Will it really work?”. The journey begins by reaching into the magic of past knowledge that was, over time, deliberately hidden from us in everywhere but nature and the stars. Present concerns, such as domination and control, are discussed, with clear examples pointing to a devastating path if we don’t move beyond this blockage and demand change. Leaping forward into actual possibility, the website explores the steps we need to take to come full circle and bring about a future that resonates with all the wonders of our past. With universal agreement and joint ventures, we can make it a future we want to see – one of equal opportunity, and living sustainably and from our hearts in unity with nature and the universe.

The Thrive Solutions Model, as described by Foster, is based on a whole-system approach comprised of twelve interconnected sectors that cover the primary areas of human endeavor. By identifying key problems in each of these Sectors and coming up with solutions that are good for all of them, we will avoid having unforeseen impact in a Sector seemingly distant from the immediate concern at hand. Both the structure and process of the model are based on nature’s design principles.

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