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With self education in alternative topics on the rise, futurist, Alfred Webre, is developing the next logical step on the path to universal truth. Accessible to us all, and without the chains of mainstream censorship and limits on study materials and protocols, Alfred proposes a University in the format of a web-based interactive continuing education portal.

ExoUniversity is an entity that encompasses Exopolitics, PsiSciences, Exoconsciousness, and ExoSciences, and provides exopolitical research, information and policy to individuals and institutions throughout the world, from ages 10 and onwards. These mind expanding courses will help to foster a new multi-dimensional economy in the application of these disciplines.



Exopolitics is the science of relations among intelligent civilizations in the multi-verse, and all ExoUniversity courses resound with the same enormous significance that will lead us to discoveries beyond the scope currently available through the controlled educational systems and facilities of today. Providing web-based conferences, workshops, courses, and classes for credit and certification, ExoUniversity will offer these at the university, secondary, and primary levels. Alfred has a full working vision and an achievable view of the successful expansion of our minds – and indeed our awareness and our souls – allowing us to envision alongside him the shared society of our children with the pure confidence and intergalatic growth of all probability, planet-wide, coming to full fruition in OUR lifetime.

Alfred Webre, ‘The Father of Exopolitics’, whose unbounding databank of multi-versal knowledge precedes him, will join us for a pre-destined 2 hour journey to discuss in depth such future paths and possibilities. The positive change includes many real and available – non-polluting – technologies, such as Teleportation, and Alfred will explain how such a time-space Quantum Technology can and does exist outside of the Sci-Fi movie genre promoted for decades by Hollywood. How is Teleportation destined to take the leading role in the world transportation system of the not-too-distant-future? The natural progression of free thinking Science can only move forward in one direction. And that’s the direction that it’s already moving IN.

Alfred will also leap along the timeline and further discuss the Grey ETs and other such races, expanding into the dimensional ecology of our multi-verse.

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