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Jason Verbelli is an independent researcher, experimenter, philosopher and visionary, who, some might say is nothing short of a genius. There’s no doubt he’s on par with a number of historical and current figures who have paved the way with their unconventional research of physics and other sciences. His focus is the work of Walter Russell and Professor John Searl – both extremely proficient inventors of leading (but largely still suppressed) technology ranging from cosmic energy to magnetics; alternative healing to the the science of spirituality; and the list goes on, far beyond the scope of what one might expect.

Jason’s uplifting ideology is quite unique. For the past 5 years, he has dedicated himself to presenting information that isn’t mentioned anywhere in mainstream news or even many libraries. The technology Jason has been promoting could be as effective as providing humanity with THE number one most reliable solution to a huge range of environmental and health issues that we face today – if not all of them. Without a doubt, the right people in the right places NEED to take a leading role in making this available to everyone.



Jason’s many supporters are confident that his pioneering discoveries could be the answer to some of science’s deepest mysteries, from the sub-quantum to the super galactic. Having been featured on multiple radio stations, it’s not hard to see why: his information, video and written research, and documentation, is readily available on the internet – and people want to know more. With a nack for explaining the most comprehensive data points in a way that those of us who are not scientifically minded can picture and understand, Jason really keeps you hanging on for more. 2 hours may just not be enough!

For those with an interest in the above-mentioned topics, or even just a slight curiosity in magnetics and how it can benefit us in a wide variety of ways, Jason recommends his latest paper entitled, ‘Atomic Alignment – Aetheric Diodes and Magnetization’, available for free here.

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  1. The sciences and philosophies of reductionism, control and worship are by contrast revealing the truth that symbioses, cooperation and working with the ways of the natural laws is the only sure route for our survival. The universal laws share their energy, as mentioned in the film Avatar ‘All energy is shared’ understanding how the energy is freely shared is paramount to our well being and our planets well being as macro and micro are one of the same. It interesting that the universal laws and wisdom are shared freely with those with the ‘right’ mind set. Their are a whole set of physical laws that has been hidden from the consciousnesses of the masses, for many thousands of years, that are now revealing themselves once again, that will at some point in our not too distant future, become common knowledge to all once again as solar system enters its Yin phase of its 26,000 cycle.

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